October 7, 2015


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Bylaw to stop fluoridation of town water defeated

By: Staff, Fairview Post, Fairview, Alberta 05-Nov-2015 – The Town plebiscite to decide whether to continue fluoridation or not took place on Oct. 5 in town council chambers. The plebiscite, which asked voters to vote for or against a bylaw authorizing the town to stop fluoridation of the drinking water was defeated 154 to 111, with [...]

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Fluoride is not “Fluoridation”

By: Peter VanCaulart, Fairview Post (Facebook Submission), Fairview, Alberta 29-Sep-2015 – Dr. Prybysh is correct in stating that fluoride is commonly found in the air, the food supply, and the liquids we consume daily. That people are caused to consume fluoride daily, however, is nothing to celebrate. Fluoride ingestion is a detriment to human and [...]

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Fluoride debate packs council chambers

By: Stephannie Johnson, Parry Sound North Star, Parry Sound, Ontario 18-Sep-2015 – Dentists, community group face off with pleas for, against fluoride Tuesday evening Parry Sound residents and some from surrounding municipalities filled town council chambers to capacity – and then some – to debate water fluoridation. On June 2, council defeated a recommendation put [...]

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Fluoride debate continues

By: Stephannie Johnson, Parry Sound North Star, Parry Sound, Ontario 16-Sep-2015 – Residents of all ages from all walks of life filled Parry Sound council chambers to capacity – and then some – to debate the town’s decision to keep its water fluoridated. Although a vast majority of those in attendance were against fluoride, a [...]

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Vote for fluoride yes or no, but VOTE

By: Chris Eakin, Fairview Post, Fairview, Alberta 16-Sep-2015 – The town of Fairview is holding a plebiscite on Oct. 5 on the question of whether to discontinue the addition of fluoride to the town drinking water or not. This is an important question and I personally believe the right thing to do is continue fluoridation of [...]

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Keeping fluoride comes with hefty price tag

By: Stephannie Johnson, Parry Sound North Star, Parry Sound, Ontario 11-Sep-2015 – Now that the town has decided to keep fluoride in its water, it approved a $250,000 upgrade to safely store and distribute the chemical into the town’s water system. In June, the town unanimously agreed to keep fluoride in its water following a [...]

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Anti-fluoridation voice heard from leading up to plebiscite

By: Dr. James S. Beck (Letter to the Editor), FairviewPost.com, Fairview, Alberta 10-Sep-2015 – Safety of fluoridation is a more important issue. The chemicals used to fluoridate dissociate almost completely, releasing the fluoride ion in the treated water. That fluoride combines in the stomach with hydrogen ions to form hydrofluoric acid (HF). HF crosses the [...]

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Disposing of fluoridation system to cost city

By: Charelle Evelyn, Prince George Citizen, Prince George, British Columbia 10-Sep-2015 – Fluoride is gone but not forgotten. On Monday night, city council will receive an update from engineering and public works general manager Dave Dyer about the status of the city’s now-defunct fluoride injection system. The system was turned off following city council’s vote [...]

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Fluoridation May Not Prevent Cavities, Scientific Review Shows

By: Douglas Main, Newsweek.com, United States 29-Jun-2015 – If you’re like two-thirds of Americans, fluoride is added to your tap water for the purpose of reducing cavities. But the scientific rationale for putting it there may be outdated, and no longer as clear-cut as was once thought. Water fluoridation, which first began in 1945 in Grand [...]

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Public health officials play role in countering attack on science

By: Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, Ontario 08-Jun-2015 – Public health officials from across Ontario need to do a better job engaging with the public to counter the social-media fuelled movement that some have termed “science under siege”, a public health conference heard Monday. With growing numbers of responsibilities on their plates — from inspecting [...]