October 30, 2014


End secrecy around prescription drugs: Editorial

The Star.com, Published on September 11, 2014 – Health Canada needs to clean up its shameful cult of institutional secrecy and make findings public as the American Food and Drug agency does. It’s a prescription for disaster. Some Canadian pharmaceutical companies have sold drugs they knew were defective — putting patients at possible risk. Others [...]

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Cornwall council to decide on fluoride issue

By: Greg Peerenboom, Cornwall Standard Freeholder, Cornwall, Ontario 09-Sep-2014 – Cornwall city council can’t brush off the fluoride additive issue any longer. Council is expected to decide whether to spend $250-$300,000 to upgrade water fluoridation equipment at the city’s water purification plant. The use of fluoride in municipal water systems has been a hot topic [...]

Is Fluoride in Private Wells Causing an IQ Decline?

By: Dina Fine Maron, Scientific American, USA 20-Aug-2014 – Excess fluoride, which may damage both brain and bone, is leaching out of granite and into Maine’s drinking water—and potentially other New England states.   Credit: NYC.gov Locals call it the “Switzerland of Maine” for its breathtaking mountains and picturesque waters, yet Dedham is just one of [...]

Health Minister German outlaws fluoridation of all tap water – Israel

By: Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, The Jerusalem Post, Israel 17-Aug-2014 – Contrary to the advice of public health and dentistry experts in her own ministry and academia, Health Minister Yael German has decided to prohibit the fluoridation of drinking water around the country. She also issued her decision Sunday in contravention of a letter written exactly two [...]

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Can Fluoridated Water Hurt Developing Brains?

By: Tony West, Philadelphia Public Record, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 07-Aug-2014 – Fluoridated drinking water is coming under the gun again, in large part because of concern about the rising incidence of developmental neurological disorders like autism and ADHD. Could this widespread chemical additive be to blame? Philadelphia’s drinking water is fluoridated, so we all want to know [...]

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USA – Costco Connection Debate “Should drinking water be fluoridated?”

USA – Costco Connection Debate June 2014 (Volume 29 Number 6) – Most countries in the world (including 97 percent of Europe) do not fluoridate their water. Yet, tooth decay has been coming down as fast in non-fluoridated coun­tries as in fluoridated ones, according to a World Health Organization study. It is a poor medical [...]

Costco Connection Fluoridation Debate Article May-June 2014 (CANADA)

CANADA – Costco Connection Debate “Should drinking water be fluoridated?”

Costco Connection Fluoridation Debate Article May-June 2014 (CANADA) POLL RESULTS CANADA – Costco Connection Debate May/June 2014  (Volume 27 Number 3) – Today, many communities are asking questions about what is being put into our drinking water. We are concerned about our health and we want the best for ourselves and our children. Many of [...]

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Water fluoride issue sparks strong opinions

By: Estevan Mercury, Estevan, Saskatchewan 16-Apr-2014 – When Estevan voters go to the polls next Wednesday, not only will they fill the vacant seat on city council, they will also help decide whether fluoride will continue to be added to our drinking water. In making the decision to seek the public’s opinion, the City cited inconvenience and [...]

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Speaker addresses fluoridation

By: Maureen Wharton, St. Lawrence News, Brockville, Ontario 10-Apr-2014 – The addition of the toxic industrial waste chemical, hydrofluorosilicic acid, commonly referred to as fluoride, has been added to Brockville’s water supply for some time. The reason for this, according to the municipal council, who are advised by the Leeds Grenville Lanark District Health Unit, is [...]

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Casino, fluoride on Estevan ballot later this month

By: Will Chabun, The Leader-Post, Estevan, Saskatchewan 1-Apr-2014 – The City of Estevan will have two hot potatoes bubbling in a referendum later this month: continuing to add fluoride to drinking water and possibly hosting a casino. Mayor Roy Ludwig said city council in the booming southeastern city decided to use a byelection for a council seat April [...]