February 23, 2019

Dr. Paul Connett (Fluoride Action Network) Interviews Christoper Bryson (BBC Radio Producer/Reporter) On Bryson’s Book “The Fluoride Deception”.

Fluoride Action Network (July 2004, 29 min.) www.fluoridealert.org

Dr. Paul Connett (of Fluoride Action Network) interviews Christoper Bryson (a BBC radio producer and reporter) on how Bryson came to write his book “The Fluoride Deception”.

Bryson replies, “I’m a reporter… I stumbled on the story in 1993. I was working in New York as a BBC radio producer and was asked to find ‘an American angle’ on water fluoridation. Ralph Nader put me in touch with a couple of government scientists (William Hirzy at the EPA and Robert Carton at the U.S. Army) who opposed water fluoridation, and explained how the science underpinning the nation’s (US) fluoride safety standards was fraudulent… I just kept reporting.”