March 21, 2019

Fluoride Warning Issued, U.S. Tennessee News Cast

Fluoride Warning Issued, U.S. Tennessee News Cast (13-Mar-2007, 3 min. 1 sec.)

Joey Hensley, a Medical Doctor and Tennessee State law maker, indicates water fluoridation is medication without permission and that young children are receiving too much fluoride.  The American Dental Association tells mothers not to make baby formula with fluoridated water because of fear of dental fluorosis.  Dan Stockin, a Health Researcher, believes this ADA warning is just the beginning and that beyond fluorosis damage to teeth there is also concern for people on dialysis, people with kidney impairment, and people with hypothyroidism.  Scientists like Nobel Prize winner Dr. Arvid Carlson, and a large group of USEPA scientists, have all called for the banning of fluoride/fluoridation because we don’t know how much we ingest, so we don’t know if we are being poisoned.  Fluoride is a poison as noted on toothpaste warning labels.