March 24, 2019

ODA’s Fluoridation Night in Waterloo, Ontario — where Health Canada concedes fluoridation results in less than one cavity reduction

By: Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation ~ Canadiens Opposés à la Fluoration,  Waterloo, Ontario 29-Nov-2011 — The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) had promised to participate in three planned fluoridation debates in Waterloo, Ontario during the months leading up to the public referendum set for October 25, 2010. These debates were supported by the City of Waterloo, to be arranged and moderated by local Rogers Cable TV, in order to provide a neutral and balanced forum in which both sides of the issue could be heard by the voters.

The first debate was held on June 17, 2010. The ODA made its usual case in favour of fluoridation, while experts on the opposing side made a case for ending fluoridation on scientific and ethical grounds. Following this first debate, the ODA backed out of its original commitment by refusing to return for the second and third planned debate venues. An article in The Waterloo Chronicle newspaper reported on the ODA’s about-face.

“We think the debate is over and we’re not participating in it,” said Dr. Harry Hoediono, the president elect of the Ontario Dental Association.

“We were asked to provide scientific information and we did do that.”  “We never really wanted to treat this as a debate because the scientific community as a whole — scientists who are credentialed, screened and peer reviewed — there really is no debate on fluoride,” said Hoediono.

Having made clear they would not engage in any further public debate at all, the ODA then planned and staged a surprise event in Waterloo just days prior to the October 25 referendum, with a press release announcing a Fluoridation Information Night to be held in Waterloo the evening of October 21, 2010. This time the ODA was bolstered by Dr. Rick Beyers of the Waterloo-Wellington Dental Association as the Event Moderator, Health Canada’s Dr. Peter Cooney (Chief Dental Officer) and the Ontario Association of Public Health Dentistry’s President, Dr. Dick Ito. Hoediono did not present but was observed hovering about the room as those on-stage made their best final pitch.

The Waterloo community group opposing fluoridation was not invited to present.  The event moderator (Beyers) made it clear from the start that “debate” was strictly prohibited. This was to be a one-sided-show, with several acts, mere days before Waterloo’s decisive referendum vote.

After all the pro-fluoridation speeches and PowerPoint presentations had been made, members of the audience were permitted “to ask questions”.

Robert J. Fleming (Executive Director, used this opportunity for questions, to oblige Health Canada’s Chief Dental Officer (Dr. Cooney) to finally concede that Canada’s fluoridation practice results in less than half a cavity savings. Have a close listen to this short but telling audio clip below.

On October 25th, 2010 — Waterloo citizens wisely voted to end their 44 year fluoridation experiment. Decommissioning of Waterloo’s fluoridation equipment and hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) ensued shortly thereafter on November 29, 2010.


LISTEN: ODA’s Fluoridation Information Night In Waterloo, Ontario 21-Oct-2010
Dr. Cooney’s response to fluoridation’s less than half a cavity reduction per child. Audio Clip



To read the Globe and Mail newspaper article (which Cooney attempted to deflect to in this audio clip) please see Ontario Fluoride May Make Minor Difference, The Globe and Mail 15-Apr-2010.pdf

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