April 22, 2019

Fluoridation: Autopsy of a Scientific Error

Fluoridation: Autopsy of a Scientific Error, 2010 – 234 pages

By:  Dr. Pierre-Jean Morin, Ph.D;  John Remington Graham, LL.B.;  Gilles Parent, nd

Abstract: Since the 1950’s, towns all over are being pressured to put fluoride in their drinking water. Data shows that not only does it have dangerous side effects but it does not even do what it purports doing. Dental and bone fluorosis and fluoridation-related cancers and congenital defects are increasing at an alarming rate: Why? Because of a questionable scientific finding made 60 years ago that allowed big aluminium companies to recycle their fluoride leftovers from chemical processes into drinking water while dental professionals held to the conviction of its health benefits.

Along the years, quite a number of peer reviewed studies invalidated this finding and more still demonstrated the dangers of systemic absorption of fluorides through fluoride polluted air or artificially fluoridated tap water. The authors of this book gathered the most recent information pertaining to this demonstration (they went through over 2000 new scientific articles and reports).

They are well known in North America for they are the specialists the courts listen to when citizens challenge their municipal government on the merits of water fluoridation.  As of today, they won all their court cases.

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