April 22, 2019

Medical Geology: A Regional Synthesis

Medical Geology: A Regional Synthesis (Hardcover) – 414 pages
Publisher: Springer; 1st Edition Jan 14, 2011

Medical Geology is a rapidly growing field concerned with the relationship between natural geological factors and human and animal health, as well as with improving our understanding of the influence of environmental factors on the geographical distribution of health problems. This book brings together the work of geoscientists and medical/public health researchers, which addresses health problems caused, or exacerbated by geological materials (rocks, minerals, atmospheric dust and water) and processes (including volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Among the environmental health problems discussed in this book are: exposure to toxic levels of trace essential and non-essential elements such as arsenic and mercury; trace element deficiencies; exposure to natural dusts and to radioactivity; naturally occurring organic compounds in drinking water; volcanic emissions, etc. The text also deals with the many health benefits of geologic materials and processes. This wide-ranging volume covers issues in medical geology all over the world with each author covering their respective region. It provides examples from different continents as well as a state-of-the-art review of the latest developments in the discipline. The authors are all recognized geoscientific and medical experts working in the field. The book is written for a wide variety of specialists from geologists, geochemists, pathologists and medical doctors to veterinarians and biologists.

Chapter Devoted to Fluoride: Fluoride – Owing to its extensive use in preventive dentistry in the post-World War II era, fluorine (F), which is commonly referred to as its ionic form, fluoride, is one of the most familiar and controversial elements of the Periodic Table. Safe, responsible and sustainable use of fluorides is dependent on decision-makers (whether they be politicians or parents) having a firm grasp on three key principles; i) that fluorine is not so much “essential” as it is “everywhere”, ii) that recent human activities have significantly increased fluorine exposures to the biosphere, and iii) that fluorine has biogeochemical effects beyond bones and teeth…

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