January 18, 2019

Controversy over last fall’s referendum on the fluoridation of water in Waterloo, Ontario made its way to court this morning

CTV News Southwestern Ontario (14-Dec-2011, 39 sec.)

Region of Waterloo, Ontario — The controversy over last fall’s referendum on the fluoridation of water in Waterloo made its way to court this morning.  Charges were filed against the Ontario Dental Association and two dentists under the Ontario (Municipal) Elections Act.  It’s alleged they broke the rules by campaigning in favour of fluoride without having registered to do so.  The charges were laid after Waterloo resident Robert Fleming, who opposes the treatment, took the allegations to a crown prosecutor. The crown calls this a David and Goliath case, however the defence says it’s a case of intimidation. The issue will be back to court in February.


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