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Brewer’s ‘Daily Dose’ 20-Sep-2012

Fight against water fluoridation continues

By: Kyle O’Connor (Letter to the Editor) CottageCountryNow.ca 19-Sep-2012

If only Fifty Shades of White could capture people’s attention as much as Fifty Shades of Grey, the number one New York Times bestseller book written by: E L James. Fifty Shades of White should be capturing as much attention that is if we are to care about our bodies and avoid toxicity or at least curious enough to scope out signs of poisoning in ourselves or others.

Fifty Shades of White is not a book, but rather an intriguing nickname I gave to a common condition labeled dental fluorosis. The discovery of dental fluorosis may make you wish that you could go back a chapter in your life because the condition is concerning; its effects are permanent and the victims are at an all time high.

Dental fluorosis is usually characterized as paper white areas scattered irregularly over the tooth surface. Such findings on your own teeth or others could be very mild, but moderate and severe stages of fluorosis also exist. The further stages exhibit: discoloration, pitting, cracking and even chipping of the teeth. Dental fluorosis is caused exclusively by one thing: Fluoride. Suddenly the fluoride smile does not sound so good.

Websters Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary defines: Fluorosis as a poisoning by fluorides. We know that fluorosis is a result of too much fluoride and any research should make evident that it is also the first signs of poisoning/toxicity from fluoride. Curiously fluoride promoters brush it off as a cosmetic effect discouraging proper attention. If fluoride promoters care to prevent cavities they should care to prevent bodily poisoning/harm in every aspect, period.

“In most areas of Canada, the prevalence of dental fluorosis probably ranges somewhere between 35 to 60 per cent in fluoridated communities,” according to the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association. Fluorosis needs to be addressed and thankfully the largest state legislature in the U.S. passed a bill mandating infant fluoride warnings on all water bills in fluoridated communities – that’s a start! Canada must adopt this principle, but we can mandate such laws locally. We should be doing this immediately without question.

We have all been dominated by something very dangerous. Artificial Water Fluoridation [AWF] is mass-medication without consent. It is poor pharmacology done with an industrial grade chemical that is more toxic than lead and is prescribed as ‘one size fits all.’

If people knew the true nature of hydrofluorosilicic acid and the motives that are really behind it, they would be labeling it as treason as well. As someone who has personally dedicated their life to fighting artificial water fluoridation, I can tell you from first-hand experience that we are being medicated without our consent and harmed from it too.