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Toronto Chapter of the Council of Canadians

Our Water Campaign is thrilled that the resolution our chapter proposed in 2011 dealing with fluoridation is now part of the national Council’s policy. The UnFluoridate It! movement is growing; an increasing amount of municipalities now have moratoriums and many more are questioning this practice because of the danger it poses to health and environmental pollution.

The Unfluoridate It! Campaign was developed to help communities end artificial fluoridation of their tap water through municipal democracy. Water fluoridation is the addition of fluoride chemicals to public drinking water to increase our fluoride intake, but this increased fluoride is overdose for many individuals (athletes, formula-fed babies, diabetics, etc.) The Unfluoridate It! campaign aims to remove this one valid reason for choosing bottled water over municipal tap water.

Water fluoridation is practiced in most urban areas of Canada but is concentrated in southern Ontario where one quarter of Canada’s population lives, and where most municipal water is sourced from and discharged back into the Great Lakes. Ironically, southern Ontario is also where top quality, low-fluoride spring water from glacial moraines and the Niagara Escarpment is being heavily depleted by multinational water bottlers. The two largest global beverage companies (Dasani bottled by Coke and Aquifina bottled by Pepsi) that operate in the Greater Toronto Area source their water from municipal supplies, and pay much cheaper industrial water utility rates.

Unfluoridate It! is a companion to the UnBottle It! Campaign that aims to reduce plastic bottled water consumption. Unfluoridate It! also aims to raise consciousness that all drinking water is borrowed from and returned to the environment. The chemicals we add to drinking water today go back to the environmental commons that hold the source water for tomorrow.

Nationally, the Council of Canadians is opposed to the fluoridation of drinking water, and is concerned by the health and environmental impacts associated with it:

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