March 24, 2019

CANADA – Costco Connection Debate “Should drinking water be fluoridated?”

Costco Connection Fluoridation Debate Article May-June 2014 (CANADA) POLL RESULTS

CANADA – Costco Connection Debate May/June 2014  (Volume 27 Number 3) Today, many communities are asking questions about what is being put into our drinking water. We are concerned about our health and we want the best for ourselves and our children. Many of these communities are also rejecting water fluoridation. Canada’s population is now less than 32% fluoridated.

‘SWALLOW your fluoridated water’ – was heard and obeyed by many, since fluoridation began in 1945. Early habits can be hard to break, even when in 1999/2001, the Centers for Disease Control revealed, fluoride prevents dental caries (cavities) predominately after eruption of teeth into the mouth, and its actions are primarily topical for both adults and children. Science showed swallowing fluoride does little to help tooth enamel during formation. Caught under this science, fluoridation promoters still won’t let go of water fluoridation.

Current science is clear, high concentrations of fluoride applied topically onto tooth enamel works well at reducing cavities. Conversely, current science and statistics show water fluoridation results in less than half-a-cavity reduction per person per lifetime, and Health Canada’s Chief Dental Officer has conceded this fact.

Public health worries if water fluoridation ends, then vaccinations will go next. It’s about public health appearance and credibility. In response to so many Canadian communities rejecting fluoridation practice, public health has requested changes to provincial/territorial law to mandate water fluoridation.

Fortunately, Canadian provincial/territorial law has not been changed to force fluoridation onto communities. After all, medicating local inhabitants via the public drinking water supply to treat dental decay was already struck down in a 1957 Supreme Court of Canada ruling. Fluoridation should have ended then.

Vaccinations are to protect people from communicable diseases. Water fluoridation is mass medication of the local population without individual right for equal access to non-fluoridated water. Vaccinations require individual informed consent, water fluoridation does not.

Fluoridation is unnecessary. Most western European industrialized countries reject water fluoridation, yet still experience declining childhood dental decay rates matching those in fluoridated countries. Where fluoridation is ended in Canada, community decay rates do not rise, and sometimes even go down.

We can address cavity reduction in a more direct and targeted manner: By ensuring everyone has easy access to a toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste and teaching proper use. By ensuring nutrition, eating habits, and lifestyles known to reduce dental decay are taught in schools and outreach programs. By ensuring those who are our socioeconomically challenged receive nutritious food, dental monitoring, and prompt dental care. By diverting all money currently wasted on water fluoridation into programs which will achieve these things.

It is now 2014. We know more today than we did in 1945. There is no need to take away individual choice.

Robert J. Fleming (President and Spokesperson)

Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation ~ Canadiens Opposés à la Fluoration

Robert J. Fleming lives in Waterloo, Ontario. He is currently the president and spokesperson of Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation ~ Canadiens Opposés à la Fluoration (COF-COF) and supports communities across Canada in their challenge to cease water fluoridation.  He is a business owner, and has many years of involvement in municipal issues as a citizen advocate. He provided leadership to the 2010 referendum held in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario which resulted in citizens voting to remove water fluoridation.

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