April 22, 2019

Our Daily Dose – By: Jeremy Seifert

Video by Jeremy Seifert (20-Oct-2015, 20 min. 07 sec.)

Hailed by the Centers for Disease Control as one of the top ten public health achievements of the 20th century, water fluoridation is something some of us just assume to be safe and effective. But new science has upended this assumption, revealing that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. The CDC tells us that drinking fluoride decreases tooth decay by, at best, 25%. That’s less than one-half a cavity per person over their lifetime. Is such minuscule cavity reduction worth risking any child’s long-term brain and thyroid health? It’s time to rethink this old and outdated practice of fluoridating drinking water.

In OUR DAILY DOSE, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert (GMO OMG) lays out the dangers of water fluoridation informatively and creatively, highlighting the most current research and interviewing top-tier doctors, activists, and attorneys close to the issue. Through thoughtful examination of old beliefs and new science, the film alerts us to the health threat present in the water and beverages we rely on every day. This is an eye-opening look at how we have less control over our health than we may have thought.