March 21, 2019

Arguments do add up

COF-COF News Find 300 x 300By: William General (Opinion Letters), Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, Cornwall, Ontario 23-May-2016 – In response to Mr. Renner’s argument against fluoride in our water, the arguments do add up.

I do not know where you got your information from — all the people I have spoken to do not want it back in our drinking water. Period. That includes some members of city council, who I will not name.

Most country’s around the world have banned it, as have a lot of towns in Ontario, Windsor as a prime example.

Just because the Ontario Ministry of Health and others say it is okay does not make it so. Do any of those groups who endorse it have any medical proof it will not affect people’s health? No, because they have not done any research.

There is tons of information in your own public library and on the Internet, about the dangers of drinking it and handling it (fluoride).

Are you aware that city council in Parry Sound voted to put it back in their water, much to the anger of the whole town who took up a petition to remove it? And, they did remove it.

Why are you so in favour of it, do you have shares in the companies that produces this poison?

Do you know where it comes from? From the dirty chimmeys of alumium plants.

It’s against the law to dump it in our landfill sites, yet some want to put it in our tap water. Get real.

William General