March 21, 2019

Calgary man launches petition in fluoride debate

COF-COF News Find 300 x 300By: Brodie Thomas, Metro News, Calgary, Ontario 17-May-2016 – Petitioner hopes for 120,000 signatures, but wants to raise awareness.

Nicholas Godwin wants Calgarians to get another kick at the can in the fluoride debate.

The 27-year-old saw the issue erupt last February when a study by the University of Calgary was published, showing a jump in reported cavities in children since 2011.

Godwin moved to Calgary around the time fluoride was removed.

“I’d heard that they’d recently taken it out, and then I didn’t think too much of it. I wondered what my chances are of getting cavities.”

But when he was recently laid up after knee surgery, Godwin spent some time researching the fluoride debate and he decided to launch a petition on

“It’s a very simple and low-cost solution to providing this kind of dental health assurance for a mass population,” he said. “The amount of money that goes into upgrading a treatment plant or putting the fluoride into the waster is miniscule in relation to the people it helps.”

Coun. Richard Pootmans said he was pleased to hear someone has taken on a petition on the matter.

He cautioned Godwin on the use of an online petition

“I would strongly encourage him to get in touch with the city clerk’s office,” said Pootmans, adding that he thinks a petition to force a plebiscite would need ink-on-paper signatures.

Godwin will need to get 120,000 signatures to force a plebiscite. For now – he’s just hoping to raise awareness.

“Alberta Municipalities Act says you need 10 per cent of the population to force a plebiscite – that’s a moon shot for me,“ he said.