February 9, 2018

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Fluoride question to be decided by Nipawin council

By: Devan C. Tasa, Parkland Review, Nipawin, Saskatchewan 16-Jun-2017 − Nipawin council, not the public, will decide if fluoride should be added to the town’s drinking water.

They defeated a motion at their June 12 meeting to hold a referendum on Sept. 20 asking the public about the issue.

“Council meeting had been hearing from the public that they had elected people to make the decisions,” said Rennie Harper, Nipawin’s mayor, “so it was defeated to go to referendum five to one.”

Harper was the only council member to vote for a referendum.

The mayor said that when council votes on the fluoride question, the medical health officer will come and do a presentation.

“That would give, in my opinion, the public the chance to hear the information, since council is then going to make up their mind.”

Harper said she wasn’t sure when that vote would show up on the agenda.