April 22, 2019

About Us

Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation ~ Canadiens Opposés à la Fluoration (COF-COF) is a not-for-profit association of professionals, scientific experts, volunteers and affiliates working to educate the public about the health and environmental concerns related to water fluoridation.  Our mission is to end water fluoridation Canada-wide.  We bring a considerable cross-section of relevant experience, knowledge and training to this matter.  Our work includes information gathering, evaluation, critiquing, researching and dissemination; as well as presentations, public speaking, letters, formal petitioning, strategy, legal and other initiatives or actions.  We deliver evidence-based information about water fluoridation to decision-makers, to empower them to use it in the best interests of the public, and to protect the vulnerable.

Robert J. Fleming (President/Executive Director/Spokesperson)
Peter Van Caulart (Water Quality & Water Treatment)
Sheldon Thomas (Water Quality in Distribution Systems)
Susan Schweitzer (General Manager/Volunteers Coordinator)
Hardy Limeback BSc PhD DDS (Science and Health Liaison)
Cindy Mayor (Water Fluoridation Educator)
Rob Brewer (Communications/Social Media/Information Dissemination)
Marilyn Kay Richards (Social Media Consultant)

For media and other inquiries, or  if you have concerns about your city’s/town’s/council’s endorsement or approval of artificial fluoridation in your municipal drinking water, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

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Water fluoridation is unproven, unsafe, unethical, unnatural, unnecessary and unlawful.