April 23, 2019

Fluoridation of our water – the never-ending story

COF-COF News Find 300 x 300By: (Blogs) Mississauga News, Mississauga, Ontario 27-Feb-2016 – You could be forgiven if you conclude that the protracted squabble about Peel’s drinking water really is a Communist conspiracy, or part of a movie sub-titled How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love The Fluoride Debate.

It appears we’re headed into another round of an ongoing dispute that has appeared to be settled several times in the past.

Almost five years ago, regional councillors voted unanimously to continue the four-decade-old practice of adding small amounts of fluoride to drinking water, which innumerable studies have shown provides dental health benefits.

Ontario Chief Medical of Health Arlene King spoke at that meeting saying, “the benefit of drinking-water fluoridation should not be under-estimated. As tooth decay is the single most common chronic disease among Canadians of all ages and, as poor dental health is linked to diabetes, heart disease and respiratory conditions, water fluoridation is an extremely important health measure. In fact, water fluoridation has been called one of the greatest health achievements of the 20th century.”

It’s also been called one of the most heinous plots against mankind by its many vociferous opponents, who inexplicably seem to have found the ear of a growing number of Peel councillors.

Opponents of the practice, including Clarkson’s Leisa Cianchino, who has taken the Region to court to try to stop it, believe  fluoridation is mandated mass medication. They want Peel to join a growing list of cities who have ignored the advice of the wide breadth of dental and medical experts. Cianchino has called fluoridation “unsafe, unproven, unethical, unnatural and harmful.”

The anti-fluoride forces certainly seem to have won the battle of the Internet, which is flooded with their many concerns.

They weren’t discouraged by their local loss in 2011 either, nor by a motion by Mississauga-Streetsville MPP Bob Delaney approved by the Ontario Legislature in November, 2014 which endorsed the practice. Delaney introduced the motion because he became alarmed by the number of candidates in the last municipal election who succumbed to “junk science.” He termed the fight to end fluoridation “egregiously stupid.”

At least opponents have dropped the historical meme that fluoridation is a Communist conspiracy against our “precious bodily fluids”, as memorably satirized by actor Sterling Hayden in Dr. Strangelove.

Council fluoridation doubters, led by Brampton Councillor John Sprovieri attempted an end run around the practice recently. They were headed off at the bypass and now a more representative committee of regional councillors will cover the same territory again.

That came following an “educational session” to illuminate the issue. When publicly-elected councillors are learning more about a key public health issue that’s been the centre of paranoid interest for years, doing it in secret provides just the right note of irony.

The combined expertise of Health Canada and Ontario’s health ministry, supported by reams of confirming studies, have constructed the well-tested fluoridation regime. Peel’s Medical Officer of Health and the Halton-Peel Dental Associations support it.

Councillor Sprovieri suggested recently that councillors shouldn’t be debating the issue because it’s an issue “beyond the expertise of municipalities.”

The municipalities and the politicians don’t have to be experts. All they have to do is have the good sense to listen to those who are.


Peel Region councillor says there is political desire to end water fluoridation

COF-COF News Find 300 x 300By: Roger Belgrave, Brampton Guardian, Brampton, Ontario 25-Feb-2016 – There is some political desire to stop adding fluoride to local drinking water, according to chair of the committee reviewing community water fluoridation in Peel.

But Carolyn Parrish emphasized those councillors must find solid scientific ammunition to carry out such a bold attack on widely accepted beliefs about the health benefits of this longstanding water treatment practice.

The Mississauga regional councillor, who is also chair of Peel’s newly formed fluoride subcommittee, has joined most others on the seven-member committee in declaring their position on fluoridation is still fluid and will be determined on the basis of the scientific information, research and opinion gathered during this examination of water fluoridation and oral health in Peel.

Despite the professed undecided positions, Parrish said most committee members are looking for a good reason to support an end to fluoridation.

“Six of the seven members of the committee are seeking sufficient factual data to delete the fluoride supplement added to our drinking water,” Parrish said in an email. “I am hoping we can build a strong case based on the best research, most recent research available.”

She mentioned concerns about the type of fluoride being added to Peel’s drinking water supply.

The anti-fluoride lobby has insisted hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) is a highly toxic form of fluoride, produced as a waste by-product of the phosphate fertilizer manufacturing process.

Proponents of fluoridation contend HFSA is completely safe and widely used. The Region of Peel said the water-based liquid additive used in Peel is NSF 60 (National Sanitation Foundation) certified, as required under the Safe Drinking Water Act, meets purity standards and complies with all Ministry of Environment and Climate Change regulations.

The committee’s recommendation would then have to be approved by the majority of the 24-member council.

Peel Council faced a similar debate on fluoridation five years ago.


Brampton resident triggers investigation into Peel Region water fluoridation meeting

COF-COF News Find 300 x 300By: Roger Belgrave, Brampton Guardian, Brampton, Ontario 19-Feb-2016 – A Brampton resident has triggered an investigation to determine if Peel Region councillors broke Municipal Act rules when they decided the public would not be permitted to hear what experts told politicians about the benefits and possible dangers of water fluoridation.

A special Jan. 21 meeting was organized to educate council members about the fluoridation of municipal drinking water.

Experts on both sides of the debate, which has rekindled on the health benefits and risks that may come from the longstanding practice in Peel, offered informed opinion and scientific research on community water fluoridation. Council also heard from municipal staff on the subject.

The meeting was well publicized in advance – even providing the community with an agenda detailing the time, location and list of delegates scheduled to appear.

However, council members voted to conduct the proceedings behind closed doors.

The decision upset some members of the community, especially those who have been advocating for an end to local water fluoridation for years and have even gone so far as to launch a court challenge.

Christine Massey, who has been among those protesting water fluoridation in Peel, wants to know why the public was barred from the meeting and initiated a Closed Session Investigation under the Municipal Act.

Under the act, educational or training sessions may be closed to the public as long as council members do not discuss or deal with any matter “in a way that materially advances the business or decision-making” of council.

A week after the education session, councillors convened for their regular meeting and agreed to form an ad hoc committee that is now taking a deeper look at the benefits and possible health risks of water fluoridation and seeking broad community engagement to establish a Regional position on the issue.

Brampton councillor John Sprovieri was at the special meeting. For years, he has been relentless in trying to force the Region to stop adding fluoride to the local drinking water supply.

When the education session was organized, councillors never intended to have discussion conducted in public, according to Sprovieri.

The issue has attracted heated protests in the past and councillors did not want any distractions from the public, he explained.

“The anti-fluoride group, some are very passionate and vocal on the issue and we’ve seen that in the past in council chamber,” noted Sprovieri, but admitted the information council heard would also have been very enlightening for the general public.

The municipality can appoint an investigator or refer a Closed Session Investigation request to the Ontario Ombudsman.

Peel Region has appointed Local Authority Services to carry out the investigation. The organization is a not-for-profit created by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario in 1992 to procure and provide municipalities with competitively priced and co-operative services.

Local Authority Services contracts Amberley Gavel Ltd., a London Ontario-based company formed in 2007 to assist municipalities with closed meeting investigations, to provide investigation services.

The investigator can make recommendations when they file a final report.


Toronto Chapter of the Council of Canadians

Our Water Campaign is thrilled that the resolution our chapter proposed in 2011 dealing with fluoridation is now part of the national Council’s policy. The UnFluoridate It! movement is growing; an increasing amount of municipalities now have moratoriums and many more are questioning this practice because of the danger it poses to health and environmental pollution.

The Unfluoridate It! Campaign was developed to help communities end artificial fluoridation of their tap water through municipal democracy. Water fluoridation is the addition of fluoride chemicals to public drinking water to increase our fluoride intake, but this increased fluoride is overdose for many individuals (athletes, formula-fed babies, diabetics, etc.) The Unfluoridate It! campaign aims to remove this one valid reason for choosing bottled water over municipal tap water.

Water fluoridation is practiced in most urban areas of Canada but is concentrated in southern Ontario where one quarter of Canada’s population lives, and where most municipal water is sourced from and discharged back into the Great Lakes. Ironically, southern Ontario is also where top quality, low-fluoride spring water from glacial moraines and the Niagara Escarpment is being heavily depleted by multinational water bottlers. The two largest global beverage companies (Dasani bottled by Coke and Aquifina bottled by Pepsi) that operate in the Greater Toronto Area source their water from municipal supplies, and pay much cheaper industrial water utility rates.

Unfluoridate It! is a companion to the UnBottle It! Campaign that aims to reduce plastic bottled water consumption. Unfluoridate It! also aims to raise consciousness that all drinking water is borrowed from and returned to the environment. The chemicals we add to drinking water today go back to the environmental commons that hold the source water for tomorrow.

Nationally, the Council of Canadians is opposed to the fluoridation of drinking water, and is concerned by the health and environmental impacts associated with it: http://canadians.org/water/issues/fluoride/index.html

Toronto Unfluoridate It: http://torontococ.weebly.com/unfluoridate-it.html
Annual Water Forum: http://torontococ.weebly.com/annual-water-forum.html
Toronto Website: http://torontococ.weebly.com/
Email: torontochapter@gmail.com
Blog: http://councilofcanadianstoronto.blogspot.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TorontoCoC
Twitter: @TorontoCoC
National Website: www.canadians.org


Muskoka Citizens Opposing Fluoridation

MUSKOKA CITIZENS OPPOSING FLUORIDATION (muskokacof) is a not-for-profit association of professionals, volunteers, and affiliates whose goal is to educate the citizens regarding the health and environmental hazards of water fluoridation. Our mission is to work together to end artificial fluoridation in the Muskoka towns that are presently artificially fluoridating the municipal water supply. We appreciate any input from our members and encourage new research, evaluation of data, critiquing of information, delegations at district meetings, distribution of petitions/flyers, and other initiatives or actions to strengthen our cause.




Free Durham From Fluoride


Fluoride Free Peel

Fluoride Free Peel Header Image 650 x 300
Fluoride Free Peel is a group of concerned citizens calling for an end to adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to our local drinking water.

Everyone has the right to supplement fluoride intake if they so choose. However, nobody, including a governmental body, has the moral, legal or ethical right to medicate anyone without their consent.

We reject the claim that there is no harm caused by ingesting hydrofluorosilicic acid (aka fluoride), even in small amounts. The proven risks to health greatly overwhelm the purported and unproven benefits. Fluoridation must be stopped as soon as possible to prevent further injury.

The rights of the people of Peel Region are being violated by medicating us without our informed consent. Many are suffering from the addition of this toxin to the water without realizing why.

It’s time to stop this injustice. Time to stop this public heath debacle.

Water fluoridation provides no provable benefit while causing harm to our health and the environment.

Our Mission:  The mission of Fluoride Free Peel is to inform the public and our city officials of the hazards of fluoridation and to put a stop to this egregious practice.

Please get involved. We’re in this together!




Fluoride Free Windsor

Fluoride Free Windsor

The prescription pad saysFluoride is safe and effective for preventing tooth decay and artificial water fluoridation is a cost effective means of getting this medicine out to the population.  So says the government health and dental agencies. But they don’t define what ‘fluoride’ they’re talking about when they speak in favour of the artificial water fluoridation program. So, let’s get to know the fluoride that is actually put in our water supply as medicine for our teeth.





c/o Executive Director
3 48 Bridgeport Road East
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada  N2J 2J6


Mission Statement
– Ending fluoridation in our home community of Waterloo, Ontario and keeping it off.  Thank you to the voters.

In October 25, 2010 following four long years of campaigning, presentations, forums, and debates; Waterloo, Ontario citizens voted to shut down their 45 year fluoridation practice. Decommissioning of fluoridation equipment and hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) ensued shortly thereafter on November 29, 2010.


Click here to see how much our medical officer didn’t know.

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Fluoridation-Free Ottawa – Ottawa Libre de Fluoration

Fluoridation-Free Ottawa – Ottawa Libre de Fluoration