March 24, 2019

UK Councils Against Fluoridation

As organisations subject to local election it is the Local Authorities, and not Health Authorities, that have the moral mandate to represent their communities’ interests and wishes. Where it is clear that political pressures, and not sound science, are influencing decisions on public health, as in the case of fluoridation, Local Authorities should take immediate and effective action to counter the propaganda and spin emanating from unethical and politically motivated health ‘initiatives’.

UKCAF is now renewing its activities with the help of Local Authorities, Professional Institutions and Unions, to mount a well-planned and decisive opposition to protect the public and their own members from the medical and legal liabilities of this form of unethical and illegal medication. We provide an informed forum for examination of the issues raised by fluoridation, and for the planning and execution of nation-wide challenges to the health sector and its fanatical fluoridation proponents.



West Midlands Against Fluoridation

West Midlands Against Fluoridation (WMAF)
Restoring your Human Rights – West Midlands Against Fluoridation exists to persuade policy-makers to stop fluoridating West Midlands’ drinking water.

West Midlands Local Groups Against Fluoridation This is the umbrella group for West Midlands Local Groups Against Fluoridation.