March 24, 2019

COF-COF Media Release – Excerpt View

COF-COF Media Release 25-Feb-2016 To The Canadian Press Regarding the 2016 McLaren et al Edmonton Calgary Fluoridation Cessation Study  Feb 25, 2016
1) What does COF-COF think of the McLaren et al. Calgary-Edmonton study? A fundamental scientific flaw invalidates the conclusions of the recent McLaren et al. fluoridation study concerning Calgary and Edmonton. Our attached graphs (see page 3),
COF-COF Media Release 19-Feb-2016 An Unscientific Tale of Two Cities - A Critique of the 2016 McLaren et al. Edmonton Calgary Fluoridation Cessation Study  Feb 19, 2016
The McLaren et al. fluoridation cessation study published in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology compares fluoridation-ended Calgary with still-fluoridated Edmonton, to see if water fluoridation helps teeth. It appears to be yet another