February 23, 2019

Convincing Canadian studies demonstrating water fluoridation’s questionable merit



When public health or dentists claim more cavities are found in children when fluoridation is removed from drinking water, look to these Canadian studies to prove such claims are nothing more than hyperbole.




Maupome´et al, Patterns of Dental Caries Following the Cessation of Water Fluoridation Dec 31, 2001 (Summary plus entire study.)

Clark et al, Changes in Dental Fluorosis Following the Cessation of Water Fluoridation Dec 31, 2006 (Summary plus entire study.)

Locker et al, Benefits and Risks of Water Fluoridation – Report to Ontario Ministry of Health & Health Canada Nov 15, 1999 (Summary plus entire study.)

ITO, Caledon and Brampton Study, Peel Region (2757 Determinants of Caries in Adjacent Fluoridated and Non-fluoridated Cities) Mar 21, 2007 (Summary plus entire study.)

Azarpazhooh, Oral Health Consequences of the Cessation of Water Fluoridation in Toronto, MSc Thesis Report, Faculty of Dentistry – University of Toronto, City of Toronto Public Health Aug 31, 2006  (Summary plus entire study.)

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Ko and Thiessen, A Critique of Recent Economic Evaluations of Community Water Fluoridation, International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, Dec-2014 (Summary plus entire study.)


This research will be hard for any Canadian dentist or Canadian public health figure to ignore, because it is quality research, conducted by their own people, specific and relevant to Canada’s circumstance.


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