February 26, 2017

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Peel asks Ontario government to test toxicity of fluoride added to local drinking water  Feb 16, 2017
Moncton city council extending fluoride decision deadline  Feb 07, 2017
Water Fluoridation Chemicals Now Officially Linked to Brain Harm & Cognitive Deficits  Jan 14, 2017
Exit le fluor, bienvenue la santé dentaire ! / Exit fluoride, welcome dental health !  Jan 05, 2017
Moncton to debate return of fluoride in drinking water  Dec 16, 2016
Groups Urge EPA to Ban Fluoridation Based on Risk to Brain  Nov 30, 2016
York professor leads study that could help answer fluoride safety questions  Nov 25, 2016
Fluoride foes protest after staff tell Peel that water treatment is safe  Nov 24, 2016
Fluoration: Châteauguay garde le dossier ouvert / Fluoridation: Châteauguay keeps the file open  Nov 22, 2016
Fluoration: Trois-Rivières fait marche arrière / Fluoridation: Trois-Rivières backs out  Nov 21, 2016
Abandon de la fluoration: «Un grand jour pour la démocratie» / Abandonment of fluoridation: "A great day for democracy"  Nov 21, 2016
Abandon de la fluoration: une victoire pour tous / Abandonment of fluoridation: a victory for all  Nov 21, 2016
Fluoration: la Ville fera volte-face / The City Does An About-Face On Fluoridation  Nov 21, 2016
Water Fluoridation Plebiscite Possible (Sarnia, Ontario)  Nov 14, 2016
Fluoride debate not expected in Sault  Oct 27, 2016
Province warns cities against removing fluoride from water  Oct 21, 2016
‘Fluoride is a deadly poison’ Peel’s water fluoridation committee has heard  Oct 15, 2016
Ontario move toward mandatory water fluoridation doesn't mean much for fluoride-free Windsor  Oct 13, 2016
Group opposing water fluoridation brings expert to speak to public and Peel council members  Oct 11, 2016
Ontario legislature votes to ban cities from removing fluoride from their water supplies  Oct 06, 2016
Motion to reconsider Calgary fluoride decision rejected by council  Sep 14, 2016
Tooth decay up in Calgary kids after fluoride removed from drinking water: study  Sep 14, 2016
Investigation finds closed door Peel council fluoride meeting violated Municipal Act  Aug 18, 2016
Is putting fluoride in our water rational?  Jun 17, 2016
There are low levels of lead and arsenic in water, Peel fluoride committee told  Jun 10, 2016
La question manquante  Jun 03, 2016
Fluoration: le débat pour un référendum est relancé  Jun 03, 2016
Santé Canada fait la promotion d'un produit illégal  Jun 03, 2016
Charlottetown sticks with fluoride, while others won't make the switch  Jun 02, 2016
No fluoride in city water  May 25, 2016
NO FLUORIDE: Council vote to support fluoridation ties 5-5  May 24, 2016
Cornwall council defeats motion to return fluoride to drinking water  May 24, 2016
Arguments do add up  May 23, 2016
Avoid fluoride consumption — it serves no useful purpose  May 20, 2016
Fluoride at dentist's office different than in drinking water  May 20, 2016
Council to discuss three fluoride options at next week's meeting  May 19, 2016
Calgary man launches petition in fluoride debate  May 18, 2016
Fluoride provincial take-over applauded  May 17, 2016
Fluoride decision may be taken away from municipalities  May 16, 2016
Fluoride issue reeks of politics: union  May 05, 2016
Calgary councillors explore alternatives to fluoride in water  May 03, 2016
Fluoration de l'eau potable : le débat se poursuit en Ontario  May 02, 2016
Trois-Rivières doit renoncer à la fluoration  Apr 28, 2016
COLUMN: Council common sense  Apr 26, 2016
Expanded dental program helps more children in low-income families  Apr 26, 2016
The battle over fluoride in Cornwall's water  Apr 26, 2016
Fluoride an issue of equality of dental care: Dr. Paul  Apr 25, 2016
UPDATE: Fluoride should return say doctors, but arsenic found in acid  Apr 25, 2016
Town's move to stop fluoridation 'a step backward'  Apr 21, 2016
Tooth decay rates rising in Windsor, say health officials  Apr 21, 2016