March 24, 2019

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Our Daily Dose – By: Jeremy Seifert  Oct 20, 2015

Video by Jeremy Seifert (20-Oct-2015, 20 min. 07 sec.) Hailed by the Centers for Disease Control as one of the top ten public health achievements of the 20th century, water fluoridation is something some of us just assume to be safe and effective. But new science has upended this assumption, revealing that fluoride is a developmental neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. The CDC tells us that drinking fluoride decreases tooth decay by, at best, 25%. That's less than one-half a cavity per person over their lifetime. Is such minuscule cavity reduction worth risking any child's long-term brain and thyroid health? It's time to rethink this old and outdated practice of fluoridating drinking water. In OUR DAILY DOSE, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert (GMO OMG) lays out the dangers of water fluoridation informatively and creatively, highlighting the most current research and interviewing top-tier doctors, activists, and attorneys close to the issue. Through thoughtful examination of old beliefs and new science, the film alerts us to the health threat present in the water and beverages we rely on every day. This is an eye-opening look at how we have less control over our health than we may have thought.  

This 47 minute East Brunswick, New Jersey televised fluoridation debate is elegant, focused and informative.   May 14, 2015

East Brunswick, New Jersey, 14-May-2015 This 47 minute East Brunswick, New Jersey televised fluoridation debate is elegant, focused and informative. Watch FAN’s Director and environmental chemist, Paul Connett, PhD debate periodontist and former President of the New Jersey Dental Association, Richard Kahn, DDS on the safety, ethics, and effectiveness of fluoridation. The video features legal expert David Lonsky, Esq, who reviews the US legal issues stemming from fluoridation practice.

Ontario Dental Association has pleaded guilty to illegal campaigning  Oct 26, 2012

CTV News Southwestern Ontario (26-Oct-2012, 1 min. 54 sec.)   Region of Waterloo, Ontario, 26-Oct-2012 The Ontario Dental Association pled guilty to promoting the use of 'fluoride' in Waterloo's drinking water without registering to do so… The ODA pled guilty to breaching Ontario municipal election laws in 2010.   Full Media Statement issued by Robert J. Fleming, 26-Oct-2012 — "This case focused on ensuring that participants to the municipal democratic process adhered to the law when campaigning during the 2010 Region of Waterloo fluoridation referendum. Democracy is something most of us hold dear. As such, most people understand the inappropriateness of allowing a large lobby group to simply do and spend as they please, while campaigning in a municipal election/referendum. In the interest of holding just one such referendum, paid for by municipal tax dollars, charges against the Ontario Dental Association were sworn out early during the municipal campaign. I am pleased that the ODA pled guilty to the charges as laid. Local municipal democratic process was successfully protected. Over these last two years, both in and out of court, the ODA tried unsuccessfully to impugn the charges brought against them. They argued the charges were without merit, intimidation tactics, and an abuse of the judiciary. Only when the evidence and merits of the case were about to be heard, did the ODA then stand down and plead guilty. They did so without any show of remorse.  Not even an apology to the Waterloo community. Yet, they benefit from a suspended sentence through their well-timed admission of guilt. While justice was partially served, I suspect the ODA leaders remain as arrogant and evasive today as they were during the campaign two years ago."   L’Association des dentistes de l’Ontario a plaidé coupable d’avoir enfreint la Loi électorale de l’Ontario en  faisant la promotion de la fluoration lors d’un référendum sur la cessation de la fluoration à Waterloo, ON sans s’être inscrit pour faire campagne pour la promotion de la fluoration.  L’Association se pensait au-dessus de la loi…  Le président de COF-COF, M. Robert J. Fleming a déposé cette plainte en 2010.   SEE RELATED ARTICLE: SEE RELATED ARTICLE: SEE RELATED NEWS VIDEO: SEE RELATED CARTOON:        

Four Inconvenient Facts About Water Fluoridation – Fluoride Action Network  Aug 23, 2012

Fluoride Action Network – Four Inconvenient Facts About Water Fluoridation (23-Aug-2012, 3 min. 54 sec.) This short video presents four inconvenient facts about the purported miraculous benefits of water fluoridation. Fact 1: If fluoridated water has a benefit, it is a topical one (there is no need to actually swallow it). Fact 2: Despite 60+ years of research, there is not a single randomized controlled trial, let alone a blinded study, demonstrating fluoridation's benefits. Fact 3: The largest national surveys of dental health in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand have found no significant difference in tooth decay (as measured by DMFT) between children living their whole lives in fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated areas. Fact 4: Comprehensive data from the World Health Organization shows that western countries with no water fluoridation programs have experienced the same reduction in tooth decay over the past 40 years as countries with mass fluoridation programs such as the United States.

Global News, Calgary, Alberta - One Year After Fluoridation Was Turned Off  Jul 11, 2012

[youtube][/youtube] Global News, Calgary, Alberta (11-Jul-2012, 1 min. 54 sec.) City council voted to remove fluoride from Calgary's drinking water on February 8, 2011.  Hydrofluorosilicic acid fluoridation was shut off on May 19, 2011.  According to water department staff it took approximately two more weeks for artificial fluoride to clear the city's distribution system.  It's now just over a year since fluoridation has been off, so are dentists really seeing a difference in local young patient's cavity rates?  Listen closely for the real root cause of this dental decay -- sugar and sugary children's drinks -- and how best to address this problem.