March 24, 2019

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Our Daily Dose – By: Jeremy Seifert  Oct 20, 2015
This 47 minute East Brunswick, New Jersey televised fluoridation debate is elegant, focused and informative.   May 14, 2015
Ontario Dental Association has pleaded guilty to illegal campaigning  Oct 26, 2012
Four Inconvenient Facts About Water Fluoridation – Fluoride Action Network  Aug 23, 2012
Global News, Calgary, Alberta - One Year After Fluoridation Was Turned Off  Jul 11, 2012
COF-COF team members present health, environmental and legal concerns regarding hydrofluorosilicic acid fluoridation contemplated by Orillia, Ontario Council  May 07, 2012
The Problem With Fluoride – By: Grassroots Video  May 01, 2012
Controversy over last fall’s referendum on the fluoridation of water in Waterloo, Ontario made its way to court this morning  Dec 14, 2011
Peter Ormond of Green TV interviews Cindy Mayor (COF-COF Educator) about water fluoridation.  Nov 29, 2011
Case against ODA fluoride campaign moving forward  Aug 11, 2011
Hazmat Crews Respond To Hydrofluorosilicic Acid Spill At Rock Island Water Treatment Plant  Mar 24, 2011
Consumer Advocate Ralph Nader Discusses His Thoughts On Water Fluoridation With Fluoride Action Network  Feb 11, 2011
Calgary Council Votes Out Fluoridation  Feb 08, 2011
U.S. Government says too much fluoride in water and diet  Jan 07, 2011
Waterloo, Ontario Decommissioning of Fluoridation Equipment - Hydrofluorosilicic Acid  Nov 29, 2010
Region of Waterloo Council Voted To Turn Fluoridation Off After 50.3% Of Referendum Voters Decided 'No' Fluoridation (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid)  Nov 24, 2010
Region of Waterloo October 25, 2010 Fluoridation Referendum Results Discussed Moments After Artificial Water Fluoridation Voted Out By Slim Margin  Oct 25, 2010
Professor Paul Connett: Your Toxic Tap Water - Full Length Video  Sep 30, 2010
The Case Against Fluoride Made At Brantford, Ontario - To City Council  May 25, 2010
Dangerous Fluoride? Is Fluoride Necessary?  Mar 03, 2010
New Fluoride Recommendations Buck Decades-Old Dental Health Practices  Jan 07, 2010
Health Canada's Chief Dental Officer Dr. Peter Cooney insists water fluoridation is the best way to reduce cavities?  Jul 20, 2009
Ontario Dental Association and its President Dr. Ira Kirshen push for mandatory water fluoridation in Ontario  Jul 20, 2009
What Happens To Ontario Dentists Who Speak Out Against Water Fluoridation?  Jul 20, 2009
Professional Perspectives On Water Fluoridation – Fluoride Action Network  Dec 31, 2008
Dr. Vyvyan Howard, Head of the Developmental Toxico-Pathology Research Group & Senior Lecturer At University Of Liverpool, England Offers His Professional Perspective On Fluoride/Water Fluoridation  Jul 24, 2008
Brent Foster, Environmental Attorney & State Conservation Chair of the Oregon Sierra Club On Why He Now Opposes Fluoridation  Jun 28, 2008
Dr. Bill Osmunson, A General & Cosmetic Dentist, Shares Concerns About Water Fluoridation  Jan 15, 2008
Health Professionals Call For End To Water Fluoridation, U.S. News Cast  Dec 20, 2007
Fluoride Warning Issued, U.S. Tennessee News Cast  Mar 13, 2007
Dr. Paul Connett (Fluoride Action Network) Interviews Christoper Bryson (BBC Radio Producer/Reporter) On Bryson's Book "The Fluoride Deception".  Jul 31, 2004
Dr. J. William Hirzy, Senior US EPA Chemist, Testimony At United States Congressional Subcommittee, On Water Fluoridation  Jun 29, 2000
Dr. Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS, Assoc. Professor, Head Of School Of Preventive Dentistry, University Of Toronto, Has Concerns About Water Fluoridation.  May 31, 2000